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The Brightest Spot on NW 21st Avenue

Stella's colorful storefront hints at the treasures you'll discover inside.

Here's a "sneak peek" at what's inside!

What you’ll find will delight and amaze you

Spread a little happiness and a little love
with expressions etched in stone

Perk up your plantings with weather-friendly
glass and stainless steel garden stakes

In any language, gratitude and appreciation
are always in style

Enliven any room with distinctive
stretched-canvas wall hangings

Ideal for those who wear their
hearts on their sleeves--or lapels


Keep your eye out for that perfect gift

When’s the last time you saw a
biker merman?

May the force--of peace--be with you


Express yourself with just the right card,
each handpicked by our staff

Where philosophy and creativity sail
together in harmony

Don’t worry—be happy!


Freely browse our fun, fancy,
and festive apparel

Go with the flow with these curvy
cocktail glasses