The one gift shop that's uniquely Portland

How do you sum up Portland in a few words?  You can't.  And so it is with Stella's on 21st.

Like the city we live in, we're classy, but unpretentious.  And like Portland, you'll find many unexpected surprises.  Careful attention to detail.  First-rate quality. All in casual surroundings.  What's more, many of our gift items were created right here in River City.  You can't get more Portland than that.

Showcasing and celebrating local artists

Portland is home to some of the most talented and creative minds and hearts anywhere.  And Stella's on 21st provides the perfect showcase for that local genius. 

Whatever your pleasure--quality jewelry, wardrobe accessories, home decor, fragrances, cards and books, and so much more--you'll find it in abundance.

We also feature popular gift merchandise from around the country.  Stella's on 21st strikes just the right balance, and you're sure to be delighted by all you encounter.

Say hello to our cheerful, friendly staff

One of Portland's early leaders, Thomas Skidmore, said, "Good citizens are the riches of a city."  We couldn't agree more. 

Our staff members--Robyn, Priss, Hillary, Mehwish, Lindsey, Lilly and Amanda -- enrich our shop and our community.  And each brings her own unique gifts to create a special brand of commitment and care.


Robyn & Stella extend warm
wishes and hope to see you soon!

Say hello to Jacob & Mehwish

Hillary and Pris are so helpful
they can almost "read" your mind!

 Amanda and Lilly are all smiles.